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Fantastic Soups and Salads


- Salads

Arugula and Manchego…… $9 full / $6 side

crisp apples, dates, candied pecans and red wine vinaigrette

Turkey Tostada…… $10

roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, avocado, cilantro, cabbage, crema, cotija cheese, red wine vinaigrette and salsa roja on two crispy corn tortillas – served with tomatillo salsa

Asian Spinach Salad…… $9

baby spinach, asian slaw, bean sprouts, cashews, wonton skins + spicy soy vinaigrette

Kale + Veggie Salad…… $11

cal-organic green kale, baby spinach, brussels sprouts, avocado,chipotle sweet potatoes,balsamic onions, dates, pepper relish, toasted almonds + red wine vinaigrette

add: roasted chicken $3, wild salmon $6, burger patty $4, tuna salad $4, chicken salad $4

Cobb Salad…… $11

crisp romaine with arugula, roasted chicken, bacon, blue cheese, avocado, egg and our creamy house dressing

Baby Greens…… $7 full / $4 side

mixed baby greens, radish, sprouts + red wine vinaigrette

- Soups

Soups of the Day…… $3 cup / $4.5 bowl
Meaty moo Chili (no beans)…… $4 cup / $7 bowl

(chili is served with cornbread and honey butter)