Menu Burgers


The Moo Burger …… 8.75

caramelized onions, iceberg, dijon and moo sauce – with sharp cheddar, gruyere or pepperjack add 1

Atomic Bacon Cheeseburger …… 9.5

honey cured bacon, sharp cheddar, habanero ketchup, chipotle mayo, jalapenos, pepper relish and iceberg

The 24-hour Burger …… 10

sharp cheddar, bacon, caramelized onions, arugula, moo sauce and a sunny-side up egg

PB+B Burger …… 9.75

beef patty, sharp cheddar, bacon jam, homemade peanut butter, pepper relish, potato chips, arugula and honey chipotle vinaigrette

vietnamese pork burger…… $9

spiced pork patty, tomato jam, lemon aioli, bean sprouts, asian slaw and
rice wine vinaigrette – served with shishito peppers

The Silent Moo (Veggie Burger) …… 8.75

our moo-made patty (quinoa, sweet potato, black bean, sweet corn, almonds, tahini) with avocado, hummus, habanero ketchup, jicama slaw and onion sprouts

mushroom + gruyere burger…… $9.5

caramelized onions, lemon aioli, arugula and a drizzle of truffle oil

Bacon + Blue Burger …… 9.5

blue cheese spread, fried onion strings, honey cured bacon and arugula (add jalapenos upon request)

Thompson Fit Burger …… 12

6 oz. gass-fed beef patty, avocado, pepper relish, onion sprouts, habanero ketchup, jicama slaw, iceberg and honey chipotle vinaigrette on a sweet potato “bun”

Spanish Chorizo Burger …… 9.5

spanish chorizo, manchego cheese, date spread, pepper relish, arugula and caramelized onions

Mediterranean Lamb Burger …… 11

our lamb patty, feta, hummus, cucumber, red onion, tomato jam, lemon aioli, arugula and oregano vinaigrette

SLIDER …… 5 each

- any of our burgers or sloppy joe  “slider-size”

cooked medium rare to medium
“salad style” (add one dollar) or “tortilla wrap style” available for all burgers
*** sub – grass-fed beef patty add 2 ***