Richard + Jessica

“our combined passion”

Jessica and RichardJessica and Richard’s common dream developed from diverse backgrounds.

Jessica and Richard’s common dream developed from diverse backgrounds. A native of Bakersfield, Jessica’s exposure to the restaurant industry came through a part-time job in a high-quality Los Angeles restaurant/bakery, Clementine, while attending UCLA. She found her niche, and after graduating with a degree in Economics and Accounting, she managed Clementine, working under owner/chef Annie Miler. Annie taught Jessica everything about the restaurant business – freshness, seasonality, customer service and community involvement. Jessica also managed Border Grill in Santa Monica under Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken.

Richard was born and raised in Los Angeles and also graduated from UCLA with a degree in History. After completing a culinary school curriculum in Pasadena, he pursued his dream of becoming a chef. Richard worked as a pastry chef for 10 years in LA, at some of the nation’s top restaurants – Patina and Café del Rey. Jessica and Richard met working together at MILK in Los Angeles.

As Jessica developed her vision, she realized that Richard had the same love for burgers and ice cream as she did. Their combined passion led to the concept of moo creamery. Having a sense of community was important to both, so they left LA, got married and decided to pursue their dream in Bakersfield. moo creamery fulfills their desire to provide quality food in a family-friendly atmosphere.